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Calvary Baptist Church 

Established 1963

This local body of believers had its beginnings first in the hearts of some faithful men and women who prayed that God would raise up a work in this area.  God opened the doors for that work to be established in Bayfield and then, in Goderich.  Just days after the purchase of a house on the current property the first meeting was held.  The charter was sealed on October 25th 1963 with thirty-eight members.  Pastor Les Hobbins was the first pastor (1963-1966).


It was while Pastor Terry Woodcock ministered at Calvary that God lead us to demolish the old house (well past its prime) and upgrade the facility with a new foyer, nursery, offices, kitchen and gym facilities.  Many people fondly remember the hours of work that were invested.  We helped the contractors by painting, moving blocks, pouring floors, providing meals, cleaning and much more.  When it was added up, over seventeen hundred hours were donated.  The dedication to the Lord of the new part of our building was held on April 8, 1995.


Missions has been a priority throughout the years and the Annual Mission’s Festival continues to be a highlight.  We currently support 14 Missionary families and look forward to seeing some of them and hearing updates at the Festival when they are available on Home Assignment.  A couple of the men from the church participate in short term missions with Global Outreach and several of the Youth have been led to serve in various ways through other mission opportunities as well.


The same God who helped in “ages past” is our God today.  His hand has been seen throughout the years and we are excited to see how He will lead in the future.


Some interesting facts:

  • First Deacons: Jim Cornish, Moses Martin, John Blue, Ross Davidson, Gordon Westlake, Murray Riordon and honorary deacon, Sylvannus Cann

  • First Missionary Supported: Rev & Mrs. Mel Cuthbert

  • First Baby: John Cornish

  • First Baptism: Ken & Brian Davidson, Bill Burchill

  • First Hymnbooks: 85 cents each

  • Original house/property:  $12,000

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