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We are a local church, part of the global body of Christ, committed to meeting regularly for the purpose of Bible teaching, fellowship, prayer, encouragement and exhortation, and serving our community. 


Our goal is to be united and at peace with one another, by the power of the Holy Spirit working in us. We seek to show love toward each other as the family of God by taking care of each other physically and emotionally with the physical resources and spiritual gifts we've been given. We work diligently to encourage and graciously challenge one another for the purpose of building each other up and becoming more mature in Christ. We strive to be known in surrounding communities for our love for each other and for others.

We are committed to praying, individually and corporately, for ourselves and others.

We pray, yearn, and work to be a loving example to those around us - in our homes and communities - so that they may know Jesus and His forgiveness, as we also have.

We rejoice with each other in times of happiness, share in each other's sorrows and burdens, and offer
support as we each struggle with sin and weakness.

With the help of God and the support of one another, we live in such a way that shows we are Christ's
disciples. We seek to abstain from sin, not to be haughty or proud, but as a means of acknowledging
that our lives are lived in gratitude to Christ for who He is and what He has done for us.


We work together in Christian ministry, inside and outside of this building and formal meetings, so that our service in our church and in our community may continue strongly for as long as possible. We use our gifts, talents and strengths to do this with willingness and gratitude, always training, learning, and improving. As we are able, we contribute physically and financially to the various needs of our people, our facility, and our community, so that the Gospel of Christ can be spread locally and globally.

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